Budget estimates and evaluations

Find out what your project will cost!

We are experts at cost estimate. Because we have been in the business for nearly 30 years, we can draw from the experience of having budgeted and completed thousands of fibre optic deployment projects across Quebec and Eastern Canada. We have worked on all types of networks (Local, Metropolitan, Wide, FTTx, etc.). Additionally, these projects have ranged from big to small, and have had budgets reflective of their size. What better testament to our budget-savvy could there be?

Our years in the business have allowed us to establish an excellent network of connections and strong relationships with manufacturers, distributors, engineering firms, contractors, and more. This is also the case with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecommunication firms (TELCO), and cable companies (CATV). These channels, in addition to our know-how and intimate understanding of the stages of the process required to deploy fibre optic networks, allows us to offer you:

  • Cost estimates and budget analyses
  • Fibre optic deployment and/or rearrangement projects for existing cables
  • Price research and negotiations for supply chain solutions (manufacturers, distributors, and contractors)
  • Local (LAN and Campus), Metropolitan (MAN), and Wide (WAN) networks



Advantages of our services

  • Outstanding support from telecommunications specialists

  • Focus on finding the best possible solution to meet your needs

  • Innovative technological solutions

  • Respect for your budget and schedule
  • Pioneers in Quebec: nearly 30 years of experience with fibre optics