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FibreZone TM

Tireur de câbleFibreZone, Inc. is a business run by fibre optic specialists and staffed by experts in telecommunications infrastructure. With a highly qualified team who have extensive experience with fibre optics as well as with copper multiconductor cables and coaxial cables, FibreZone specializes in design, consulting, training, and budgetary studies, as well as in project and infrastructure management. We can help you on projects involving Local Area Networks (LAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), and fibre optics that go to where you need them (FTTH, FTTN, FTTx, etc.). Photo by Savannah River / CC BY

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Fibre optic cable is a material that is being used more and more these days. It can be found in people’s homes, in businesses, in factories, in hospitals, in schools, and even on our roads. In effect, you can find it everywhere.

Telecommunications companies have been around since the early 1980s. That’s right, the ’80s. At FibreZone™ we know because we were there. We have seen the evolution of this technology and have evolved right along with it. There aren’t many businesses or people that can pride themselves on that, but we can.

Our staff is quality personified within the industry in Quebec. All of our technicians are certified by the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) and proven at support. We are truly specialists. We are dynamic, imaginative, and possess a rich and varied set of qualifications. You can always count on the FibreZone™ team. We offer you professional services done with an eye for quality. With FibreZoneyou can rest easy. We have even recently created an intervention team in order to be able to better respond to our clients’ needs. Click here to find out more. See our business profile (in French)

Touret de fibres optiquesFibreZone™ is known for its integrity, but also for its passion for creating fertile conditions for the success of projects. In order to do this, all of our available resources as well as our actions as a company are guided by three main goals:

  • Maintaining client satisfaction
  • Dedication to offering quality service
  • Striving for superior results

Our success is based on the balance and interaction between these three objectives, continual professional development and our staff’s certification by recognized organizations.  Photo by Russell Davies / CC BY

Our Team

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