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Fibre Zone TB2 DIS QUAD
Portable modular platform (JDSU MTS-2000)All-in-one fibre optic testing solution for use with networks such as Access/FTTx/PON. The MTS-2000 is a pocket-sized fibre optic testing module for use with installation, service, and maintenance for Metro, FTTx, and Access as well as point to point and point to multipoint networks (PON).


  • Mono-modular platform

  • 5” touch screen

  • Modules already available: OTDR, PON, IL/ORL, CWDM spectrum analyser; compatible with the MTS-4000

  • Optical tests: OTDR, PON measures, laser source, insertion, VFL, etc.

  • VFL and insertion loss/source options (multi-function port)

  • Compatible with P-5000 digital connector inspection probe via USB 2.0

  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connectivity

  • Web browser, calculator, 2x USB 2.0 ports, Jack/Bluetooth audio outputs, PDF reader, etc.

Technical Specifications

Microscope numérique P5000i JDSU Fibre Zone
  FibreZone JDSU P5000i Digital Microscope


FBP-P5000i digital inspection kit; FiberChek Pro program; SC, LC, U25M, and U12M adaptors; carrying case


  • Inspection and certification of fibre face quality.

  • Allows for guaranteed connectivity according to industry norms

  • Can be used to certify face quality with an existing JDSU testing platform

Technical Specifications

USB puissance-mètre optique JDSU Fibre Zone
JDSU MP-60A USB Optical Power Meter


Takes optical power measurements via a USB 2.0 connection to a PC or laptop—makes digital processing of optical power measures possible through direct integration with the JDSU FiberCheck Pro program.


  • Compatible with FiberChek Pro analysis program

  • Simple, precise, and instant results with the ability to electronically archive, log, and print results

  • For use with all single-mode and multimode applications (LAN, Telecom, CATV, DWDM)

Technical Specifications

Identificateur de fibre active avec sources JDSU Fibre Zone
JDSU FI-60 Active Fiber Identifier (with integrated optical power meter)


The JDSU FI-60 Active Fiber Indentifier allows users to easily detect optical signals without disconnecting the fibre or disturbing network traffic. The FI-60 also includes the unique JDSU SafeChek™ system to insure security with the majority of fibre types without having to change dies.

The FI-60 can easily be transformed into an Optical Power Meter as well, thus making it a great value for those looking to work on projects while reducing the amount of tools carried to job sites.


  • Avoid network downtime and damage

  • Work more efficiently with a single LFI die, compatible with multiple cable diameters (250 µm-3 mm)

  • Increase reliability and avoid false readings with integrated ambient light shield

  • Easily transform the FI-60 into a fully functional Optical Power Meter that can store, recall, and export results to a PC via a USB connection.

Technical specifications

Localisateur visuel de défauts, de poche, JDSU Fibre Zone
JDSU FFL-050 Pocket-sized Visual Fault Locater


The Visual Fault Locator (VFL) is an essential tool for rapidly locating fibre optic problems. By locating the exact points of damage in fibre optic cable, technicians can more efficiently diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve problems.


  • Compact, ergonomic design for portability
  • Visible wavelength of 650 nm

  • High powered laser (1 mW) for single-mode (> 7 km) and multimode (> 5 km) connectors

  • Continuous or flash illumination

  • Universal connector for quick and easy connection

  • 2.5 mm connector input (1.25 mm adapter available)

  • Includes soft-sided carrying case with belt loop

Technical Specifications

Fusionneuse soudeuse INNO ifs15h Fibre Zone
  INNO IFS-15H Fusion Splicer


The IFS-15H Fusion Splicer is one of the most reliable and precise fusion splicers on the market thanks to its new Digital Analysis Core Alignment System (DACAS).

However, its most important innovation is its compatibility: the IFS-15H is able to splice the majority of fibres. It combines fusion and heating functions for the most-used fibres in FTTx.


  • Incredibly portable (155mm and 1.8kg), it is quite practical for those working in FTTx.

  • Core alignment

  • Strong and compact; 15.5 x 13.0 x 13.7 cm

  • 7 second fusion time

  • 35 second heating time

  • Attenuation splicing: single-mode 0,02 dB / multimode 0,01 dB

  • Able to fuse connectors
  • USB interface for simplified Firmware updates
  • Multi-functional carrying cas

  • 3-year guarantee

Fibre Applications:


FTTH, MM (ITU – TG.651), NZDS (ITU – TG.655), ITU – TG.657B, SM (ITU – TG.652), DS (ITU – TG.653), ITU – TG.657A

Technical Specifications

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