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The FibreZone™ team is made up of highly qualified personnel who have years of experience in all things fibre optic and is certified by the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) as well as the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council. Our employees have worked on hundreds of fibre optic network deployment projects for co-ops as well as for large telecommunications companies such as Bell Canada.

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FibreZone™ is the perfect team to design and set up your fibre optic home network (FTTH) or your network of fibre optics in your building (FTTB). We can help you with any part of your project or help you through any stage of any fibre optic project. We can accompany you in the development of your plan, and also during the process of financing the network. We will guide you in every aspect of establishing a robust home network that meets your particular needs. We can help you in the following stages:

  • Initial planning, cost estimates, accompaniment during the financing stages
  • Design and engineering for type of topology (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint), cable runs and size, materials selection (cable, fibre, active equipment), plans and quotes, special permits, etc.
  • Calls to bid: selection of providers (manufacturers, distributors, engineering firms, and network construction contractors), etc.
  • Construction and engineering project management; cost and schedule monitoring, provider management (manufacturers, distributors, engineering firms, network construction contractors), etc.

  • Technical, health, and safety inspections; compliance verifications (analysis of OTDR and other tests, blueprints, provider evaluations); etc.

  • Technical support following installation

  • Training of operations personnel

A detailed needs analysis will be conducted at the beginning of any FTTH or FTTB project in order to keep abreast of the particular considerations necessary to complete your project and set out the desired network topology, the appropriate technology through Active Ethernet or through Passive Optical Networks (PONs), and the individual fibre optic cable installation considerations necessary for the environment of your geographic region. FibreZone™ will carry on a professional and detailed discussion with you during every step of your project. Indeed, FibreZone™ offers analysis that goes above and beyond in order to give you a well-constructed, fairly priced FTTH or FTTB network responsive to your individual needs.

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Top Photo by Doc Searls / CC BY